What We Do

We make politics more transparent!

VoteOurVoice gives you a report card on your politicians. Your politicians are graded on issues you care most about. Vote on summaries of actual legislation and your votes are compared to the votes your politicians made. Do they truly represent your concerns/interests?

VoteOurVoice helps people to determine if politicians are doing the jobs we elected them to do. VoteOurVoice improves democracy!

How It Works

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Social Impact

We are solving a problem that most voters have...insufficient data to evaluate politicians. VoteOurVoice is a Public Benefit Corporation and our mission is to make politicians serve their communities instead of pursuing agendas not endorsed by the people they represent.


Political systems around the world have a lack of transparency. Politicians have little to no accountability during their term in office. VoteOurVoice provides voters with report cards on their elected officials.


The best way to make change is to get engaged! VoteOurVoice creates communities that want to bring positive change to their political systems and communities. Our platform provides you with the information you need to act on and make changes when politicians do a poor job of representing you.

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